About Us

About Us



Life decisions; career decisions... Some decisions define our future. The perfect place for your business; the new house for your family; the prosperous investment of your property; they are all decisions requiring knowledge, confidence and daring. In an ever changing reality, it is pivotal to be absolutely sure before taking your next step. Are you concerned with your next step? Are you afraid of making wrong decisions? Then, it is the time to trust the right people to help you and provide the ideal and most efficient solution to your problem. Take this step along with Liberty Real Estate!



Liberty Real Estate has been established and operates in Thessaloniki, offering comprehensive real estate consultation, support and appraisal services, covering a wide range demand in Greece, in both terms of housing and commercial use. Our long experience, combined with state-of-the-art methods and continuous training of our staff, is the means to our development and thorough knowledge of the Greek market, so we are now able to provide you with safe and secure high quality services at competitive prices, to fully meet your requirements.




Trust Liberty Real Estate for:

  • Property dealing

  Residents, Stores, Professional and Business Premises, Plots/ Parcels, Holiday Homes

  • Lettings

  Residents, Stores, Professional Premises

  • Additional

  Investments abroad, Inducements, Property Valuation, Funding Programs, Legal Support, Energy Performance Certificates, Engineering Certificates

Liberty Real Estate always stands by you offering consistently comprehensive, reliable and highly professional services.

  • We discuss your wishes, needs and expectations

  • We study and cautiously plan your goals

  • We come in contact with candidate interested parties

  • We identify and resolve any technical or legal problems arising

  • We prospect for adequate funding

  • We employ specialized professional consultants

  • We negotiate and ensure the best value of the property

  • We deliver the property on time and properly aiming at your full satisfaction



In Liberty Real Estate we have all the necessary experience, knowledge and skill to guide and propose the best solution at the best price. Our aim is to bring you closer to taking the next step in your life.

Let’s do it together.